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it's not litter - per se - that annoys me
   rather the thoughtless impulse behind it

she busks on saturdays
   with a friend on guitar
and I always send my son
   to drop fifty pence in the case
and sometimes he dances
   to show his affection
      for the music
      for the sunshine
      for being alive

and I always say hello
   to the african with the oud
who gets free tea
   from the methodist church
   and whose smile
      is wider than a nile
his voice is as velvet
   and on my way back
   from oxfam
   with a poetry collection
I give him my shrapnel
   to brighten his day 

they give for free
   among the wrappers
   which scuttle like birds into hedges
and they always say thank you
    and carry on singing
for not everything dropped in the street
                                      has no meaning

The Blue Book

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