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 the doctor

ah the good doctor
I see him now
   with his beige suit
   brown tie
   and hand stitched shirt
chuckling profundo in hindi
   and raising two octaves to speak
      out of the laughter
      and say 'bravo well played'

ah the good doctor
   who lost it all
when he ignored the advice of the seance
to keep three tins
   just like his mother
       for the rent
       for the business
       and the family food

ah the good doctor
   such a fine man
nodding half asleep by fire
    as in turn we poets orated aloud
    chatting away in the gaps

and ah the good doctor
   in his silver rolls royce
with his much loved lady wife
   both are now gone
   and leave a hole
in those he touched with his life

The Blue Book

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