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   puffed from climbing - I take the opportunity of a bench -
to sit and look across the valley to middleton
   the hall proudly stands in rustic splendour
among the pasture - so rich that no sheep graze -
that is for the hills behind

   there is a greeness to the stone work
almost khaki
perfectly matching the low moorland
running up blending to plain chocolate
on the blue white of the skyline

   moving down the hill to the village
these tones persist
until rotating around the heart
the new build begins
chalk white walls and red tiled
    in a broad anchor spreading
    to right and left along the crest

this contrasts with the earthen palette
of the unleafen trees - in a not unpleasant manner -
like the scurf of a moorland stream
breaking around a stone
despite the rush and hurry
   the only sign of movement
   is the impact of stillness

The Blue Book

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