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with the natives

I'm terrible with names but good with auras -
the ambassador is clearly yellow -
for all his dry greyness he is a cheerful soul
and he positively glows when relating his adventures
in the sun-blessed regions of the world

he eats in expectation of the port -
when the ladies have retired -
his manners are impeccably expected
laughing politely at witty comments
contributing anecdotes to keep the conversation light

and as we sip port and smoke exotic roll ups -
he unbuttons his pearl cuff studs
folding the hand-sewn silk cuffs around his jacket sleeve -
'now' he declares - with the panache of a surgeon -
it's time for magic tricks

one by one around the table he follows the joint and the port -
correctly recalling each persons name -
but getting every aura wrong -
and too confused to care or notice we ripple our applause
for the cunning woman of dahomey

The Blue Book

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