#poem #poetry #amwriting sketchbook from my notebook 3

excuse me but after eating paella - my recipe - and dealing with the craving I had for it - I was trying to find a way of typifying paprika and saffron as my experience of summer

the paprika and saffron fuse
as we get a taste for sunshine


the saffron and paprika mark
the opening of arms
to embrace the sun lengthened days
shadows undertone taste
the sweetening redness


sun warmed n saffron
the red tomatoes simmer
with paprika -
chicken skin picks up the colour
as each pimpled feather lost
seeks wings to fly


the summer soup of saffron
brings me to the bench
- the storm of winter
brings the sea ever closer -
as below - from the cliff
tumbles mammoth bones
or lumps of chalk
each more dead than written



The Blue Book

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